Our story

Chunky was launched in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2017

when we collaborated with 2 amazing artists to create 4 designs that would bring something different to the market. Back then, we were selling our stainless steel drink bottles out of one Queenstown store. By 2018, we had 12 artists, 30 designs, an online store and 100+ retail stores around New Zealand. Today we have 46 designs by 20 international artists and distribution to retail stores in Australia and New Zealand.

The Chunky team knows how hard it is for emerging artists to get a break. That’s why we don't work with established artists - we only want to work with artists who haven’t yet found the exposure they deserve. We have been approached by established artists looking to work with Chunky, and it’s been flattering. But we have politely turned them down. They don’t need us.


Our team 


Mark Moran - Founder, Art Nut

Mark was a contemporary art dealer for over a decade but these days his time
is focused on the development of Chunky. Through Chunky, Mark has found a
way to do the thing he loves most which is to shine a light on new artists. He just
had to swap picture frames for drink bottles along the way. Mark’s two gorgeous
kids provide a happy distraction from work and he is often found playing soccer
with his son or baking a mean sponge cake with his daughter. Ever the high achiever, Mark is currently on a quest to produce the perfect miso soup.


Laura Shallcrass - Art Director / Artist Liaison

Master of multi-tasking, Laura is a Chunky artist, Chunky art director, packaging
designer and the main point of contact for the Chunky artists. Despite her big,
busy role with Chunky, Laura’s is an artist and illustrator, sometime graphic
designer and general creative extraordinaire. When she’s not doing a million
things for Chunky, you’ll find her hanging with her family, her horses or
shredding it up on the mountain.


Georgia Russell - Content Manager

Georgia is the woman behind Chunky’s content and social media channels
and the person you’re most likely to banter with when you’re getting social
with us. When she’s not creating content for Chunky, Georgia runs a (slightly
larger than anticipated) digital marketing company. When it’s time for a digital
detox, Georgia heads for the hills to indulge in her love of running, skiing,
hiking and tripping over tree roots. With a passion for all things art, Georgia is
most inspired by the artists and photographers who use their passion to make
this planet a better place.