Bottle Recycling Initiative

How we recycle (ALL) reusable drink bottles

If there’s one thing that makes us gnash our teeth in despair, it’s greenwashing.

When we sat down to create a Chunky bottle recycling initiative, we knew we had to make it meaningful. We didn’t want to create a recycling program just so we could feel a bit smug and a bit good about ourselves.

Sure we make stainless steel drink bottles because we’re on a mission to stop the use of single-use plastic bottles. But with no option to recycle stainless steel and aluminium bottles in kerbside collections, reusable bottles also end up in landfill. Curses.

It’s time to do better

We don’t want any drink bottles to end up in landfill. And that’s not just our drink bottles, but any reusable drink bottles.

So, in an effort to be better humans and not turn a blind eye to the consequences of our actions, our bottle recycling initiative accepts Chunky bottles and ALL other
stainless steel and aluminium bottles.

How to recycle your used stainless steel or aluminium bottle with the #bechunkyrecyclinginitiative

  1. Drop off your old stainless steel or aluminium bottle to one of our participating retailers NOTE: This can be ANY brand, not just Chunky. It’s all about diverting as many bottles from landfill as possible.
  2. Chunky delivers the bottles to the nearest member of the NZ Association Metal Recyclers in New Zealand; or the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association (AMRIA) in Australia.
  3. Job done.

Circular economy, anyone?

We’re proudly partnering with the NZ Association of Metal Recyclers and the Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association (AMRIA) on this project. We reckon they have the right idea when it comes to scrap metal as they see it as a resource rather than waste.

Because isn’t it time we reframed our thinking on manufacturing? The “take-make-dispose” framework advocates a system where all products end up as non-reusable, non-degradable or even toxic waste. Instead, we’d like to see the growth of the circular economy, a system which confronts dinosaur-age-thinking. The Circular Economy encourages manufacturing products which can be fully-reutilised at the end of their life cycle.

And there are cool outcomes to be had. Like significantly minimising the drain on primary resources at the same time as reducing the waste going to landfill. It encourages cost savings, innovation and securing supply chains. If you’re with us on this one, you should definitely give “circular economy” a Google and other great organisations like the Sustainable Business Network.

Join the #bechunkyrecyclinginitiative

So, if your reusable bottle had a nasty run-in with a car tyre or you bought some
other brand of bottle and it’s just not holding up (it’s okay, no judgement here), then bring it into one of our retailers and we will sort it. We cover the cost, no charge to you, amigo.

Find your local participating stockist and help stop the flow of used drinking bottles to landfill.